What’s the Tenant Advisory Group?

Welcome to TAG!

The Tenant Advisory Group – we call it TAG – seeks inclusive, tenant-empowered ways to enrich the lives of ŌCHT tenants. We’re an advisory body – we provide advice to the Trust about things affecting tenants – but there’s much more to it than that.

About TAG

We’re tenants who work together to make a difference. We’re working for positive change and to highlight the great things the people in our community achieve.

We’re volunteers with all sorts of life experience behind us. No matter our backgrounds, we work together and have a real influence on how OCHT does what it does.

ŌCHT keeps us up to date with everything from new buildings to how it cares for and supports our communities. We contribute to how it plans and how it works.

Being a TAG volunteer has lots of benefits. We have new experiences and grow new skills and we meet new people along the way.

We’re part of your ŌCHT community and we’re committed to helping people get the most from the community we share.

What TAG volunteers do

TAG volunteers are involved in all sorts of projects.

Some of us are involved in things such as Housing Heroes, where we find and reward people who do great things for our communities, and others organise social activities and events, such as bus trips and art exhibitions.

We’re here to connect, listen and support so we’re very involved in where we live. We do all sorts of things, including helping new neighbours settle in, and we’ll be in the thick of things when activities bringing people together are planned for our communities.

Our guiding committee meets once a month. Our group has an overview of what we’re up to, so not all TAG volunteers need to attend. We develop projects based on what tenants tell us, and we talk with people from outside our communities who come to us with ideas that might contribute to OCHT community life.

ŌCHT people come too. They keep us up-to-date about ŌCHT projects and we give them tenant-focused feedback and advice. We’ve had a lot to do with things such as the way new OCHT homes are designed, and existing homes are improved. We make sure ŌCHT hears what fellow tenants tell us.

We’re an important part of what ŌCHT does. Our voice – your voice – is at the centre of the Trust’s work.

Join us!

You can fill in a form to become a member. You’ll find it online here.

Please return the completed form to admin@ocht.org.nz or drop it off at the ŌCHT office at 61 Kilmore Street, Christchurch Central.

You can request a form by calling 0800 624 456 or emailing admin@ocht.org.nz.

There are other ways to get involved that might be better for you.

You might already know a TAG member at your complex. Let them know you’re keen and they’ll get you started.

You can let your portfolio advisor know you’re interested and they’ll get a TAG member to give you a ring. They’ll answer any questions you may have, and they’ll help get you involved.

You can also call 0800 624 456. ŌCHT will get a TAG member to give you a call.

So if you’re interested, let us know. We’d love to have you with us.

dave wilson and irmgaard van schouten

TAG chairs for 2021-2022, Dave Wilson and Irmgaard van Schouten.

Send an enquiry to TAG

You can contact TAG directly using the form below:

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Our Tenant Advisory Group

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Hours: 8.30 am-5.00 pm, Monday-Friday.

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