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Why is Christchurch City Council closing its social housing at Sandilands?

The welfare of tenants is the priority of Council and the Otautahi Community Housing Trust. That means making sure its social housing units are properly maintained and fit for tenants to live in. However, the units at Sandilands have become too difficult and expensive to maintain, mostly due to the presence of asbestos in the building materials. As a result, the Council cannot justify keeping them open for the foreseeable future. Furthermore, because the buildings are approaching the end of their lifespan, they would need major updates to be brought up to modern standards.

Why can’t I remain in my home without it being remediated?

While there is no risk to you from the asbestos as this is contained within the roof space, we are unable to undertake any maintenance that would require our contractors to enter the roof space.

If maintenance was required in your unit, we would need to discuss with you the need to relocate from your home during that period.

We wish to provide you with certainty about your housing by working with you now to find alternative permanent housing.

Is it safe for me to remain in my home?

CCC undertook testing of all properties in 2016 and where it was considered unsafe for tenants to continue living in their property they were relocated to temporary housing at Linwood Park. There is no immediate risk to tenants’ health or safety as asbestos in the properties is contained within the roof space.

Why has it taken so long to make a decision?

Council first undertook a pilot to remediate two properties.  This pilot provided Council with the opportunity to fully understand the costs and requirements for remediating the properties at Sandilands. This took time and at the end of the   pilot the results were thoroughly reviewed by Council’s technical experts. While those two properties are now asbestos free the cost of remediating properties was so high that it is not economical to repair the remaining Sandilands homes.

What will happen to the properties at Sandilands?

The Council is yet to reach a decision about the future of its Sandilands properties.

Who can I contact if I have any questions?

If you have any questions, please contact your Tenancy Manager, Rebekah Muir on 0800 62 44 56 or 022 657 4991.

Alternative Housing Options

What options do I have for alternative housing?

The Trust will work with you to find housing that is suitable for your needs as quickly as we can. We are working closely with the Ministry of Social Development and Housing New Zealand to ensure you can access housing to accommodate the needs of your household.

We will arrange to meet with you individually to understand your housing needs and then we will agree an individual housing plan for your move.

Will I receive assistance with moving?

We will discuss with you the support that you need to assist with your move. This could include removals and/or packing/unpacking of your belongings.  We will support you throughout your move, providing practical advice including disconnection/ reconnection of your power supply and notification to relevant organisations and businesses about your move.

Will I be rehoused in a similar size and location property?

We will discuss with you your housing needs including the type and location of the property you would like to move to. We will offer tenants a property that is matched, as much as we can, to their current housing need. However, we do ask that tenants are flexible in the choice of suburb.

What rental assistance is there for me?

Income Related Rental

You may be eligible for an Income Related Rental through the Ministry of Social Development (MSD). OCHT has arranged for you to be fast-tracked for an interview with them.

Grand-parented Rental (CCC capped rental)

You may already be on a grand-parented/ CCC capped rent. We can prioritise you transferring to another property if you are still eligible for social housing.

What if I don’t qualify for income Related Rental or a grand-parented rental?

Over the years of your current tenancy you may have had a change in your circumstances and/or you may be working. If this is the case, you may no longer qualify for prioritisation in social housing. MSD have a range of housing products that tenants who are ineligible for rental subsidies may access to help them move into a private rental. OCHT will assist tenants to access MSD grants, assist with finding a private rental and offer a letter of referral for your new landlord

When will I have to move?

OCHT will work with you to develop your individual housing plan over the next four weeks. We will then work with you to move you to your new home as soon as we can.

Who can I contact if I have any questions?

If you have any questions, please contact your Tenancy Manager, Rebekah Muir on 0800 62 44 56 or 022 657 4991.

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