Housing Heroes Recognised

Twenty one tenants of Ōtautahi Community Housing Trust (OCHT) complexes were recognised as Housing Heroes at an awards ceremony in Christchurch today.

This is the second year that the Trust has invited tenants to recognise and acknowledge their neighbours through the Ōtautahi Community Housing Trust Housing Heroes Awards. Nominees and nominators must live in an OCHT home or be connected to the Trust. Nominees must have been a good neighbour and a hero in the eyes of their fellow tenants.

The 2019 overall winner of the Housing Hero awards is James Te Paa who lives at Pickering Courts. James heard someone calling for help in a neighbouring unit and raced over to find a fellow tenant lying unconscious on the ground. He commenced CPR immediately and resuscitated his neighbour.

According to Ōtautahi Community Housing Trust (OCHT) CEO Cate Kearney, James had no second thoughts about helping his neighbour.

“While James is literally a lifesaving hero, all of our nominees help their neighbours. For some they have taken out the neighbour’s rubbish bin and for others they have helped with gardening. The awards recognise and acknowledge the sense of community that is thriving in many of our complexes. A community is not just about a group of people living in proximity it is also about reaching out and helping each other as required,” said Ms Kearney.

Four tenants, who undertake food parcel deliveries to several of the Ōtautahi Community Housing Trust (OCHT) complexes, received special recognition.

Keith Harvey, Katarina Beedles, Teena Trethewey and Darryl McGill pick food up on Tuesday mornings from City Harvest Food Rescue and deliver food packages to tenants in ten OCHT complexes. City Harvest Food Rescue works with food retailers and other food providers to rescue un-sellable but perfectly good food to distribute to vulnerable people. One of the flow on benefits has been tenants socialising more and taking time to cook together and share meals.

Winners and runners up of the awards received a supermarket voucher and trophy




check out some of the footage taken from the ceremoney at the link below:

Well done everyone! ???


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