Journey starts at Job Club

Paul’s got a new job – and an appreciation of what can be achieved with support and tenacity.

He’s landed a fulltime job at Pak ‘n Save Wainoni with the help of the ŌCHT Employment Service.

The super-focused service is open to all ŌCHT tenants who are committed to finding work.

Paul didn’t waste any time signing up for help after he lost his job at a city service station.

He was one of thousands of people who lost their jobs in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Paul was worried about what the future had in store when he lost his job of three years.

“I’ve always worked and I didn’t know what to do next, or where to start looking,” he says.

“But when I went to Job Club I got support to find something else.”

Job Club is an ŌCHT Employment Service initiative to support job seekers.

It meets every Monday morning and is led by ŌCHT Job Coach Tracie Palmer.

Job seekers share their thoughts and experiences, and everyone learns from each other.

It also helps job seekers maintain their focus as they continue their employment journeys.

Paul’s journey

Paul reckons his employment journey got a fresh and speedy start at Job Club.

After two visits he was offered an internship with the ŌCHT/CCC Warm and Dry Initiative.

The internship helped him explore new skills and identify more of what he enjoyed doing.

He later switched roles to do everything from deliveries to fleet work at ŌCHT’s head office.

All the while, he and Tracie continued to look for new job opportunities in the city.

Tracie helped Paul update his CV, to register on job seeking sites and to apply for work.

The pandemic made the job market even tighter than when Paul lost his job last year.

Tracie followed every lead – and Paul filled in dozens of applications – during the job hunt.

They were “door-knocking” at Westfield Riccarton when Tracie turned a tip into an opportunity.

She learned Kmart’s trolley services were managed by a contractor, and she got in touch.

The pair were able to get Paul some fill-in shifts which ultimately turned into a part-time job.

His willingness to work has paid off: he’s now accepted a fulltime job at Pak ‘n Save Wainoni.

“I feel if I hadn’t had the help Tracie gave me, I would’ve just gone with what I knew,” Paul says.

“If I hadn’t met Tracie at Job Club I wouldn’t be in the position I’m in now.”

Job coach brings focus

Tracie says Job Club and focused one-on-one support can help people in a tough job market.

She’s a facilitator who’ll help motivated people make the most of their strengths.

Finding sustainable employment is key. Tracie works with people to help them find work they can get to, that they are fit enough for, that match their skills and – most importantly – that they are comfortable doing.

“I think an individualised and supportive approach is really important, that’s what we’re about.

“Everyone has strengths and weaknesses, and we work together to find ways to build on the skills people have to reach their employment goals.”

Paul encourages jobseeking ŌCHT tenants to get connected with the ŌCHT Employment Service.

“Just give it a go. Even if it takes a little while to find something, Tracie will help you get there if you really want it.”

Learn more

  • You can learn more about the ŌCHT Employment Service and Job Club by calling 0800 624 456.
  • You can find details on when and where to meet for Job Club here. Upon arrival, ask for ŌCHT’s employment coach, Lyn.

Watch and read more about Job Club here

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