E-bike service FAQs

Got a question about the ŌCHT/Big Street Bikers e-bike scheme?

You’ll find plenty of information on our ŌCHT/Big Street Bikers e-bike scheme page and on the Big Street Bikers ŌCHT page.

Still can’t find what you need? The service is managed and maintained by Big Street Bikers – drop them a line:

  • Call Big Street Bikers on 0800 11 55 99

  • Email Big Street Bikers at OCHT@bigstreetbikers.com


Our frequently asked questions

What is the service?

The ŌCHT/Big Street Bikers free e-bike scheme is a scheme offered to ŌCHT tenants.
The service has five e-bikes which are based at Locky Docks at Karoro Lane.
The bikes are supplied by ŌCHT.
The service is managed by Big Street Bikers.
Users need to be registered with Big Street Bikers to use the bikes.
Users need to follow Big Street Bikers terms and conditions.
All questions and concerns about the service should be made to Big Street Bikers.
The cost of using the bike is covered by ŌCHT.
The service is being run on a two-year trial from June 2021.
The service is being monitored by researchers from Lincoln, Canterbury and Otago universities.
The service is funded by ŌCHT and a grant from the Government’s Low Emissions Vehicles Contestable Fund, which is administered by the Energy Efficiency and Conservation Authority.

How do I use the service?

You need to register with Big Street Bikers to use the service.
You register online at https://www.bigstreetbikers.co.nz/pages/ocht
When you’re registered, you’ll get access to the Lattis app to unlock the bike.
You’ll need a smartphone with data to use the Lattis app.
You find the Lattis app on Apple and Android app stores.
* Visit here for more information on the Lattis app.
The bikes are secured in Locky docks at Karoro Lane.
You need to download the Bikeep app to release the bike from the Locky Dock.
You’ll need a smartphone with data to use Bikeep.
You find the Bikeep app at the Apple and Android app stores.

Does my phone need anything special to be able to book the bikes?

Your phone needs to have the latest version of the Lattis app – and bluetooth turned on – for you to use the village bikes.

Do I need data on my phone to book the bike?

Yes. To unlock any of the bikes you’ll need some data on your phone. The app uses very little data compared to browsing the net.

Is there a way to book a bike if you don’t have a phone?

You need a phone to unlock and lock the bikes using the app. It’s an essential part of the system.

How old do I have to be to sign up to use the service?

You need to be over 18 to use the service.

How much does it cost?

Riding the bikes is free. ŌCHT owns the bikes and is making them available for ŌCHT tenants to use for free.
Big Street Bikers take a deposit of $20 deposit from your credit/debit card when you register to use the service. This will be returned to you if you opt out of the scheme.

Can I reserve a booking ahead of time?

Sure. The Lattis app you use to unlock the bike also lets you reserve a bike up to 30 minutes before a ride.

Can a tenant reserve more than one bike?

You need to login to the app on your phone to use a bike, which means people can’t book more than will one bike at once.

What stops non-tenants booking a bike?

Only people who are registered as tenants can book and unlock the village bikes.

Is this available for all OCHT tenants, or just tenants at Brougham Street?

It’s available to all ŌCHT tenants.

Where can I find a helmet?

There should be a helmet with the bike. If there isn’t a helmet attached to the bike you need to message HQ@bigstreetbikers.com and they’ll organise a replacement.

How do I know how much juice there is in the battery?

Simply turn the bike on by pressing the power button on the left handlebar. The screen will come on and show a battery meter where you’ll be able to see how much power you’ve got.

How do I charge the bike?

There is a charger inside each parking bay in the ŌCHT Locky Dock. To plug the bike in, just pull the cord out and plug it into the side of the bike. The hole is on the right-hand side of the bike, inside the bulky main frame, near the pedals.

What happens if the battery goes flat while I am using the bike?

E-bikes still work fine without any battery so you can still pedal home if the bike runs out of juice.
If you’re planning on going a long ride it’s easy to check how much power you’ve got just by turning the bike on and looking at the screen.
A fully charged bike tends to last about 40-50km depending on how much power you’re using.

How do I ride an electric bike?

E-bikes work exactly the same as a regular bike, but with a little electricity to help you along. We recommend taking several test rides around the complex if you aren’t confident until you feel comfortable with heading into the city.

This video has some handy tips:

I’m popping out to the shops. How do I lock my bike?

The lock on the back wheel is controlled by the Lattis app.
If you want to park up while you’re out just close the lock by pulling the two little bits of steel down to the left of the wheel.
This will pull the shiny steel locking mechanism through the tyres so that it clips into place.
To unlock it again simply use the app.

My bike is broken what do I do?

Big Street Bikers take care of all the maintenance.
The app has a function where it’s easy to report any sort of fault with the bike. If this happens the bike will be turned off until BSB staff come and check on it.
If it’s anything major, the bike will be taken for repair.
You can also call them on 0800 11 55 99 or email to HQ@bigstreetbikers.com and they’ll send someone to fix it in the next few days.
You’ll still need to get the bike back to the Locky Docks at Karoro St. Call Big Street Bikers if this is not possible.
If the bike is already on the Locky Dock, cancel the ride and book another one.

My bike got stolen. What do I do?

Big Street Bikers manage the scheme so give them a call on 0800 11 55 99.
They’ll talk you through the steps.
You’ll be asked to take a photo of the bike’s last known location, and send it to hq@bigstreetbikers.com.


Using Locky Docks

The ŌCHT/Big Street Bikers e-bikes are parked securely in Locky Docks at Karoro Lane. There are also Locky Docks elsewhere in Christchurch.

Where are the Locky Docks?


What kind of bikes can park in a Locky Dock?

You can park any kind of bike, skateboard, or e-scooter in a Locky Dock.

How do I use a Locky Dock?

Our mates at Big Street Bikers have made a cheeky wee video to show you how to use their Locky Docks.


How do I charge my e-bike, scooter or skateboard?

When you open the swing arm on the dock there is a door on the side of the dock you can open. This is the door with the Mercury brand on it. Inside the door is a standard NZ 230 V 3-pin socket for your charger. It’s BYO charger for docks in Christchurch.

What happens if my phone battery dies and I can’t open the dock?

Borrow a phone and call the Big Street Bikers hotline 0800 115 599. They’ll ask a couple of security questions to confirm you’re who you say you are; then, they will unlock it remotely.

What if the docks get busted into/broken?

Every Locky Dock has a CCTV camera and an alarm. Also, if there are any faults on the docks the Big Street Bikers team can see them remotely and can restart the station.

How does my public transport card work with the Locky Dock?

Public transport cards allow one-touch locking and unlocking
• Place your bike or scooter in the dock so the reinforced steel locking arm is through the frame (if charging, plug in first — the arm secures the charging locker as well).
• Tap the public transport card to lock it. One tap will unlock it when you return.
• The Locky Dock is completely FREE to use, so nothing will be charged to your public transport card.

Is my personal public transport card information shared with a third party?

No, if your public transport card is registered the information you have provided will not be shared..

What happens if my public transport card doesn’t work?

Use the app. If you locked your bike by public transport card but can’t unlock it again – call the Big Street Bikers hotline 0800 115 599, give your public transport card number, and they can unlock it remotely.

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  • If you want to talk – and if you’ve got an urgent question – call Big Street Bikers on 0800 11 55 99 or email them on OCHT@bigstreetbikers.com

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