ŌCHT at Orange

We’re sticking with measures to keep people safe as we work in COVID-19 Response ORANGE.


ŌCHT services in Orange

Contacting us

The ŌCHT office is open 8.30am – 5pm and our 24/7 phone line (0800 624 456) continues to operate.


  • Visitors must wear a mask unless they have an exemption.
  • We all need to social distance by at least 2m.
  • If possible, please call ahead on 0800 624 456 if you’re planning to visit our office.
  • Please don’t come to the office if you’re unwell.

ŌCHT in your community

We can visit you and your community.

  • We’ll socially distance (by keeping 2m away from others).
  • We’ll wear a mask where we can’t socially distance.
  • We’ll also wear a mask when visiting your home.
  • We might ask you to wear a mask, or we might ask to meet outside.

ŌCHT maintenance

Ordinary maintenance continues and you’ll see contractors around your complex.

  • They’ll wear masks where social distancing isn’t possible.
  • Please stay 2m away from them, outside and inside your home.
  • Please consider going into another room in your home if social distancing isn’t possible while repairs are made. This is for your protection as well as theirs.

ŌCHT lawns and common garden areas

Our contractors will continue to tend to lawns and gardens.

  • They’ll wear masks where social distancing isn’t possible.
  • Please stay 2m away from them, at all times.

ŌCHT housing people

This continues as normal.

  • Please welcome your new neighbours when you see them around your complex – but please keep social distancing, and remember to wear a mask where this isn’t possible.

Community lounges

Lounges are OPEN from April 5 – but users must wear a face mask.


Please remember to be kind, be patient, and to look after one another.
He waka eke noa
We are all in this together 


What Life at Orange means for all of us

Please click here to visit the Unite Against COVID-19 website for the latest official information on the Orange response.


We’re double vaccinated at ŌCHT

All Ōtautahi Community Housing Trust staff are double vaccinated for COVID-19.

Our sector isn’t covered by the national vaccination mandate but we all chose to get vaccinated anyway.

We’re vaccinated for our family and friends, and to insulate our communities from the full effects of COVID-19.

Being vaccinated helps us protect and respect the needs of the people we work with, too.

We provide tenancy services to more than 2500 people and many are vulnerable to COVID-19.

The people who live in our communities invite us into their homes. We owe it to our communities to be as safe as we can be.

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