Maintaining your home

ŌCHT wants your home to be as safe and secure as it can be.

Maintenance is really important to us.

We will always let you know when work needs to be done on your home, or at your community.

Our handy people and contractors will identify themselves and will arrange a time for repairs or other work to be done.

You can help us by:

  • being home at the agreed time or giving us plenty of notice if you’re not going to be home
  • moving furniture and personal items that may be in the way
  • keeping children and pets out of harm’s way

How do I report a problem?

Please call our Housing Champions on 0800 624 456 to report any maintenance issues.

You can make the call 24/7, but out-of-hours we only respond to urgent or emergency repairs to protect you and your home.

How long will it take?

If the maintenance you request is urgent, please stay home until the contractor arrives and finishes the job.

This usually happens within four hours of the request.

If you are not home to let the contractor in, you may have to pay for the call out.

Non-urgent jobs will usually be done within 10 working days.

Emergency repairs

Emergency repairs protect you and the property from imminent damage and any effect on health, safety or security.

Examples include:

  • An electrical fault, such as sparks or shocks.
  • Anything relating to fire safety, such as a smoke alarm that is not functioning, or that prevents you from being able to leave the property.
  • Oven and hob not working, so you have no means of cooking.
  • No water coming into the property.
  • Major roof leak in which water enters the home.
  • No electricity (check your switchboard and/or call your power company to check).
  • Blocked or broken toilet, and blockages of waste or sewer drains.
  • A fault in the bathroom that means you can’t wash yourself.
  • A fault with security, such as broken windows or damaged locks on exterior doors and windows.
  • A fault or damage that makes your home unsafe or insecure.

Water leaks often need emergency repairs. Please report any water leaks as soon as possible on 0800 624 456.

Pest control

ŌCHT is responsible for ensuring your home is free of vermin and pests at the start of your tenancy.

You’re responsible for ensuring it stays vermin and pest-free throughout your tenancy.

Accessibility modifications

You may be eligible for assistance from organisations such as Enable New Zealand.

Please contact us on 0800 624 456 for further information. Our Wellbeing team is here to help.

Decorating and improvements

Please talk to us first if you want to make your own improvements to your home.

Remember, 0800 624 456 is the best way to contact us, 24/7


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