Keeping warm and dry

You can stay comfortable without breaking the bank.

Here are some power-saving tips to make the next few months feel much cosier in your ŌCHT home.

  1. Use the sun:
    Trap the warmth by open your curtains on sunny days, and by closing them just before the sun disappears.
  2. Manage heating throughout the day:
    Set your heat pump to a timer and with a healthy room temperature (18-21degC is a good guide).
    It’s okay to start heating your room before you use it, but most homes shouldn’t need more than 10 mins pre-warming.
  3. Stay dry and save money:
    Dry homes are cheaper to heat.
    Did you know we create a lot of water from body heat, cooking and showering?
    To reduce the amount of moisture in the air, it’s a good idea to:
    ** Wipe down wet surfaces.
    ** Use the extractor fan every time you cook.
    ** Cover pots and pans when cooking.
    ** Open the windows during the day time when you’re at home. This will reduce moisture.
    ** Remove any signs of mould immediately. If it becomes an issue, let us know.
    ** Leave gaps between your bed and the wall – condensation from body heat can lead to mould.
    ** Wipe condensation off windows.
  4. Wash and dry early:
    Try and get your first load of washing done first-thing in the morning on a sunny day and hang it outside on the line. This will give you a full day of free outdoor drying time.
    Drying clothes inside creates moisture, so try and dry things outside if you can.
  5. Are you making the most of your new heat pump?
    This is the first winter all ŌCHT homes have heat pumps—take another look at the instructions, or call us on 0800 624 456 f you need help.
  6. Are you getting the best power deal?
    You can compare deals and switch power companies by visiting

    Need help? You can call our housing champions on
    0800 624 456

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