Club proves empowering

Bas smiles when asked about what Job Club means to him – and he wants others to use it.

“I think it’s great, and my advice to people who want to get into work is to come to Job Club.

“It gets you in contact with people who will support you, and we can support each other.

“We all want the same thing at Job Club, and the help is there to get us there.”

Job Club is an Ōtautahi Community Housing Trust initiative to help job-seeking tenants into work.

It is part of ŌCHT’s Employment Coach Service and is led by Job Coach Tracie Palmer.

Tracie meets job seeking tenants every Monday for a catch-up and to help in their search.

Job seekers share their thoughts and experiences, and everyone learns from each other.

“I really enjoy seeing the Job Club people bond over their common goals,” Tracie says.

“They hold each other up and care for each other. There’s just so much support there.

“It’s magic.”

Job Club brings job-seeking tenants, ŌCHT staff and employment professionals together to help people prepare for employment.

Bas says the informal sessions are worthwhile for the advice and the connections the group shares.

“We can talk over a cup of coffee and a biscuit, and we all learn from each other,” Baz says.

“Tracie is fantastic. She is there to guide people, to help give confidence and keep us motivated.

“She works hard to help – I think her support makes it even more possible to find work.”

With Tracie’s help, Bas secured job interviews and will soon prepare for work by volunteering.

“I want to change direction and Tracie is helping me find a way to ease myself back into work.

“I’m excited. Getting some structure and purpose, and a focus, is really important to me.”

Tenants meet and support each other at Job Club, and they also meet others who can help.

Tracie also helps tenants get the help they might need to prepare to enter the workforce.

People who work in recruitment and with temping agencies have also shared their knowledge.

Tenants get help identifying their skills, preparing CVs and even getting clothes for interviews.

“When we arrange interview clothes you can just see people standing tall and feeling ready to put their best foot forward.

“Getting that confidence, feeling that support, that’s what it’s all about.”

Bas says Job Club is about sharing and support.

“It can feel a bit daunting getting into work. But Job Club makes it easier, I think it’s fantastic.”


  • Job Club and the Employment Service are open to Ōtautahi Community Housing Trust tenants.
  • Job Club meets 10am Mondays and Thursdays. For more information contact ŌCHT on 0800 624 456 or view details on upcoming Job Club events here.

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