Preparing for disaster

We have had more than our share of emergencies, but not all of us are ready for more.

Our 2020 Tenant Satisfaction Survey found 72% of the ŌCHT tenants who responded feel they are prepared for a significant emergency or disaster, such as an earthquake or tsunami.

That leaves 28% who are unprepared.

Older people were significantly more likely to say they are prepared for emergencies – 82% among those aged 65+.

What you need to know

Emergency broadcasts

Make sure you have a battery or solar-powered radio, or car radio, handy – radio is often the best, quickest way to find out what’s happening in an emergency.

These stations are emergency broadcasters in the city area:

  • Radio New Zealand
  • NewstalkZB
  • The Hits
  • MoreFM

The web

You’ll get the most up-to-date local information here:

Emergency mobile alert

Emergency Mobile Alerts are messages about emergencies sent by the government, councils and other responders to mobile phones. You’ll get an alert if your phone is switched on and in the affected area.

Make time to get ready

Preparing for an emergency doesn’t have to take a long time. The official Get Ready site is a great place to start – it has links to an online tool that you can fill in and make a plan.

You can start getting your household prepared using the resources here.

You can print the planning sheet out from here.

Remember to check out the emergency procedure at your complex. It’ll help get you to safety in an emergency.

EQC has some good advice on how to make your home more secure before a natural disaster hits.

No matter what, you should talk with your family and friends about what to do – and what you’ll need – if you’re ever:

  • stuck at home
  • can’t get home
  • have to evacuate
  • have no power
  • have no water
  • have no phone or internet

You should also get to know your neighbours. You might need their help, and they might need your’s.

Make a kit

There are all sorts of kits on the market, but you can easily make your own at home. Learn more about what you might need here.

Get Ready also has a great list to help you start your disaster kit.

Need more help?

You’ll get more tips and resources on these sites:


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