Device subsidies for 65-plus

There’s help for older tenants who need a digital device.


ŌCHT can help tenants 65 years and older get a subsidised digital device to use to connect to the internet.

The devices are funded by Manchester Unity Welfare Trust, a local trust that’s helping older people in Christchurch and Canterbury.

What’s available?

Manchester Unity Welfare Trust is funding tablets and Chromebooks that ŌCHT can offer to eligible tenants.

They’re heavily subsidised: eligible tenants pay a fraction of their cost.

Who’s eligible for a subsidised device?

Manchester Unity Welfare Trust helps older people so the subsidised devices are available to people aged 65-plus who have engaged in our digital coaching services.

We don’t currently have funding for people under 65.

How do I get one?

The subsidised devices are offered through ŌCHT’s digital coaching service.

If you think you’re eligible, call ŌCHT’s digital coach on 0800 624 456.

Our digital coach can help you work out which device is best for you, see what it will cost, and help you through the process to get one.

Not sure how to use a device?

Don’t worry – ŌCHT’s digital coaching service can help with that, too!

We deliver Digital Inclusion Alliance Aotearoa courses about the basics of device and internet use.

You can sign up to one of our short group courses when you call.

Call our digital coach on 0800 624 456 to get started!


ŌCHT is grateful for Manchester Unity Welfare Trust’s generous support of older ŌCHT tenants.

Please call ŌCHT’s digital coach on 0800 624 456 to get your digital journey started!

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