Feedback and resolutions

We want you to be happy in your home

We know there may be times you might need to tell us that you’re not happy with something. It might be because of something that we’ve done, or what someone else has done.

Whatever it is, we want to resolve the situation so you can can be happy in your home.

What can we look at?

Let us know if you’re not satisfied about the quality or standard of a service we provide. You might, for example, not be happy with the way we’ve handled a report of anti-social behavior. 

Complaints on service received: what happens next?

We know that things go wrong and we would like the chance to work with you first to put things right. We take all complaints about our services seriously. We’ll do our best to deal with your issue promptly and fairly.

To report a problem, please phone us on 0800 624 456 to discuss the problem. We will make every effort to resolve things there and then, or refer the matter on to for a speedy local resolution.

Or, you can:

  • Complete our online compliments and complaints form (see bottom of page)
  • Request we send you a form for you to fill in return to our offices at 61 Kilmore Street, Christchurch 8013
  • Visit our offices at 61 Kilmore Street, Christchurch 8013, to get a form/speak with a member of the team. 

Resolution process

Your complaint will be acknowledged either verbally, via email or by letter within five working days, saying who will deal with your case.

The nominated manager will work with you until there’s a resolution, or until we’ve explained why we can’t meet your request. They and you will agree on a timeframe for resolution. 

Independent review of your case

If everything’s been done you’re dissatisfied, please go back to the person who dealt with your complaint. They’ll review the complaint and our initial response with a senior advisor, who’ll contact you about review of your complaint.


If you’re not happy with the outcome of our review, you can apply to Tenancy Services for mediation between the Trust and yourself. Visit or call 0800 836 262 for further information. 

What’s not covered

There’s several things we don’t cover under the resolution process.

  • making a complaint about another neighbour (please contact our housing champions, who’ll connect you with a tenancy advisor)
  • insurance claims (once a claim passes to our insurers, we must close any related complaint pending the insurer’s decision)
  • situations where you are currently taking legal action against us (contact your Tenancy Manager for more information about what to do in these circumstances)
  • if the incident happened more than six months ago, during which you never brought it to our attention, unless you have only just become aware of it
  • the level or reasonableness of your rent

Help raising your issue

If you are a tenant and need help in raising your issue, you may wish to arrange for an advocate to support you. We’ll need written consent from you for the advocate to speak on your behalf before we can discuss any details. 

Complaining about a noisy neighbour

We take anti-social behaviour seriously. Please contact a housing champion on 0800 624 456 to discuss this further.

Compliments and complaints form

Please fill out your details here – we will get back to as soon as possible.

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