ŌCHT’s development timeline

Timeline to ŌCHT’s first development

30 January 2019

The Trust opens its first development, Louisson Place, Opawa.

1 October 2018

In-house maintenance delivery with a panel of trades.

1 July 2018

The Trust introduced the new Maintenance Model – panel of trades.

May 2018

The Trust is a partner with the Housing First Programme in Christchurch.

1 July 2017

The Trust takes over all minor maintenance from Christchurch City Council.

17 June 2017

The Trust’s in-house call centre goes live.

May 2017

The Trust’s Tenant Advisory Group is established.

February 2017

Property Limited Partnership established.

November 2016

The Trust receives its first IRRS Tenancy.

3 October 2016

The Trust takes over the Christchurch City Council tenancy management portfolio on 3 October 2016.

5-30 September 2016

The Tenancy Operations and Tenancy Relations teams join the Trust, building to  22 employees by the end of September.

 5-8 September 2016

The Lease was signed by the Mayor and the Trust Chairperson on 6 September and agreement to transfer $50 million of land to the Trust was passed by Council on 8 September. The Land will be used to develop social and affordable housing for the people of Christchurch.

25 August 2016

The Lease Deed between the City Council and the Otautahi Community Housing Trust was presented to the full City Council on 25 August and Councillors unanimously agreed to approve the Deed, a significant milestone for the Trust.

13 June  – 15 August 2016

The Chief Executive and Senior Leadership Team join the Trust.

13 May 2016

Cate Kearney is announced as the Otautahi Community Housing Trust’s Chief Executive. She will take up her position with the Trust on 13 June 2016.

 19 February 2016

The seven trustees signed a trust deed – in principle and subject to consultation with Council staff – to formally establish the Otautahi Community Housing Trust.

January -July 2016

The Trustees meet weekly with City Council staff to establish the Trust governance and determine operational requirements.

December 2015

The Trustees Appointment Committee selected four people to become independent trustees – Alex Skinner, Pam Sharpe, Lloyd Mander and Stephen Phillips. These appointees were in addition to the three already-confirmed Council appointees – Deputy Mayor Vicki Buck, Councillor Andrew Turner and Councillor Paul Lonsdale.

October 2015

The Housing Management Board asked four organisations to form a Trustees Appointment Committee, to identify the four independent trustees. Those four organisations were the Rata Foundation, the Christchurch Methodist Mission, the Canterbury District Health Board and Age Concern Canterbury. At this time the Council also further consulted with City Housing tenants and stakeholders, to both inform and gather feedback about the details of the proposed establishment of the Community Housing Provider.

April 2015

The Housing Management Board carried out an “expressions of interest” process to identify organisations interested in establishing a Community Housing Provider (CHP). After considering responses, the Board decided the CHP would take the form of a charitable trust, comprising three Council trustees and four independent trustees.

December 2014

The Council established the Housing Management Board, chaired by Deputy Mayor Vicki Buck, and delegated it authority to find partners interested in establishing a Community Housing Provider.

11 September 2014

The full Council met to consider the Hearings Panel’s recommendations. It ratified the Christchurch Housing Accord and made its decision regarding the future management of its social housing portfolio.

Meeting Agenda [PDF 581KB]

Supplementary Agenda [PDF 1.4MB]

Christchurch Housing Accord [PDF 812KB]

Meeting Minutes [PDF 53KB]

22 August 2014

The Hearings Panel met to finalise its recommendations to the Council.

Minutes of Hearing Panel [PDF 582KB]

18 & 24 July 2014

The Council held public hearings for those submitters who wished to be heard. A total of 28 submitters were heard by the Hearings Panel made up of Deputy Mayor Vicki Buck (Chairperson) and councillors Phil Clearwater, Pauline Cotter, Ali Jones, Glenn Livingstone, Paul Lonsdale and Andrew Turner.

Hearings Agenda (18 July) [PDF 6.5MB]

Hearings Attachment (18 July) [PDF 26MB]

Hearings Agenda (24 July) [PDF 20KB]

Hearings Attachment (24 July) [PDF 1.6MB]

21-26 May 2014

A Special Consultative Procedure (SCP) took place to allow people to have their say on the Council’s proposal to change the way it provides social housing in Christchurch. A total of 27 tenant, public or stakeholder consultation sessions were held over the consultation period, and 269 written submissions representing 478 submitters (including groups or organisations) were received.

Social Housing SCP – Statement of Proposal [PDF 573KB]

12 May 2014

At an extraordinary meeting, the Council adopted the Statement of Proposal that the Council Restructures its Social Housing Portfolio.

Meeting Agenda [PDF 1.53MB]

Meeting Minutes [PDF 20KB]

1 May 2014

The Earthquake Recovery Committee of the Whole requested that staff develop a statement of proposal for consultation that would enable the Council to have more flexibility in the future ownership, management and development of its social housing portfolio, and that would enable the Council to more effectively address social housing issues in the city through all the options identified in staff reports.

Meeting Agenda [PDF 32MB]

April 2014

Christchurch City Council and the Government signed a draft Housing Accord. This is an agreement between Mayor Lianne Dalziel and Minister of Housing Nick Smith to work together to address housing supply and affordability issues in Christchurch. It was subject to ratification by the full Council based on the outcome of the Council’s consultation with residents over the future of its social housing portfolio.

Christchurch Housing Accord [PDF 812KB]

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