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6 March 2020

“Well, that is my news […] I hope it finds you well and content and that you feel and know the difference you have made to my life. Things are looking up – slow and steady!”

12 February 2020

“[Tenant] rang; he is so appreciative that [Tenancy Manager] called him on Wednesday 6th.  [Tenancy Manager] was the first person he saw outside the family after the death of his brother.  [He] said [Tenancy Manager] was so understanding and it was lovely to sit down and talk to someone that understood and cared enough to have a chat with him.”

10 January 2020

“We had a visit this morning from [Tenancy Manager] about our trees overhanging one of your tenant’s flats. Can you please thank [her] for visiting in person and letting us know about the problem in such a good way.”

7 January 2020

“THANK YOU [Tenancy Manager]! Even my GP, mental health support worker & [friend] have noticed a tremendous change in me, & they all feel confident that it will just keep getting better.  […] how absolutely amazing you are & how you always go above and beyond, & truly care.  You are such an asset & an exceptional person.”


1 August 2019

“[Tenancy Manager] has always been fair.  [Her] kindness and reassuring strength has assisted me to move into the open rental market as the personal factors behind my dependence on social housing resolved. For that I am extremely grateful. I wish to thank [her] for her enduring warmth and common sense and her ability to remain calm and unflappable under uncommmon pressure.”

10 July 2019

“Firstly a big thank you for your kindness, caring and assistance after Mum’s fall. Thank you for phoning on Friday and for organising help for Saturday. It was very generous of you to give up your free time to help on Saturday, and to bring flowers. I know Mum appreciated it as well.”

2 July 2019

“I just wanted to put a word of encouragement to you all… Yesterday when visiting [one of your tenants] at his new abode – I was very impressed by the visit of staff with food for that community. What an amazing event – the clients came out of their houses – chatted away to each other and to the Otautahi staff – was so thrilling to watch!!! Good effort Otautahi staff – its all about the people!!!”.

13 June 2019

“I supported a client to a meeting with [Placements Advisor] and I just wanted to express how blown away I was with her, especially with her ability to discuss uncomfortable and difficult topics with such respect, compassion and professionalism. Her approach was client-centred, and ensured the client understood everything about what they were signing”.

17 May 2019

“This week, [our complex] garden was blitzed by the Oderings gang.  I was absolutely gobsmacked at the difference they made in such a short time. They were efficient, polite, respectful and involved tenants with what they were doing.  One area in particular that they cleared was a large group of dead, dry flax and grasses that had died in 2011 because of being surrounded by liquefaction.  It was very near a tenants bedroom, metres high and a fire hazard.  We are all very relieved it has been cleared. Hopefully the garden can be maintained this time as it makes us feel so much better about where we live.  Many thanks!”


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