A secure home

Your home is your castle – and it should be just as safe and secure.

Make sure you keep your doors and windows locked and secure when you’re not at home, or when you’re not keeping an eye on things.


If someone at your door says they work for us, ask to see their identification.

If they can’t provide any, don’t let them in and call us immediately on 0800 624 456.

Remember, it’s your responsibility to ensure your visitors respect your home and your community.

If you’re going away

  • Ask a neighbour to keep an eye on things.
    They should also collect your mail – or you can ask NZ Post to hold it for you. You do this here.
  • Make sure your doors and windows are secure, and any electrical appliances you don’t need on are turned off.
  • You might like to hide valuables that can be seen easily from your windows.
  • Some people like to leave the radio or a light on.
    It will help make you home seem lived-in.
  • If you have a garage or shed, make sure it’s locked.
  • If you’re going to be away a long period, let us know.

Contents insurance

You’re responsible for your contents and it is up to you whether you get contents insurance.

Your possessions are not covered by ŌCHT’s insurance. If they’re damaged or destroyed by something affecting the property (e.g., fire, earthquake, storm damage, power outages, etc.) we will not replace them.


We provide two keys for your home. If you need to replace a key, you’ll need to get it done yourself and at your cost.

When you signed your tenancy agreement you selected a password. Please remember this password – you’ll use it to prove who you are when you ask to get a new key cut.

If you later report missing or broken keys, you may be charged for replacements.

Please keep your keys safe and secure, and only share them with people you trust.

If you misplace your keys

Please go to James Bull Locksmiths, 25 Sandyford St, Sydenham, Christchurch (03 366 7123)  during business hours and quote the password you provided at the start of your tenancy.


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