It’s a banger of a donation

“Oh, it’s very surprising, very surprising,” Jenny said as she lifted the heavy bag of sausages into her home.

Steve and Jenny look after the community pantry at Pickering Courts. They were on hand to deliver the donated sausages to residents today.

“It’s a lovely thing to do. Everyone will be so grateful. It’s wonderful.”

Jenny and Steve help look after the community pantry at Pickering Courts, one of two ŌCHT communities on Bristol St, St Albans.

It had just gone lunchtime on Monday when a woman bearing unexpected gifts knocked at their door.

Faye, from ŌCHT, was there to pass on a tasty gift from an anonymous benefactor – free beef sausages.

Miles and Isaac, and the rest of the Cashmere Cuisine team, were thrilled to be part of a generous benefactor’s plans for Pickering Courts and Cedar Park.

“Oh, it’s a great surprise,” Steve said as he helped Jenny move the sausage-filled bags into their home.

“We’ll make sure we get them to everyone. They’ll be so pleased.”

Faye had already visited every home in the community, meeting smiles and grateful words of thanks along the way.

Not everyone was home – it was too nice a day to be inside – so Steve and Jenny will deliver the packs to the people who were missed.

Isaac made sure the back of Faye’s work car was Isaac fully loaded with sausages before she left for Pickering Courts and Cedar Park today.

Faye delivered still-more sausages to nearby Cedar Park – and she started the afternoon with plenty to deliver.

The donor bought 40kg of sausages to “pay it forward” for people living at both ŌCHT communities on Bristol St.

The sausages were from Cashmere Cuisine, a well-known boutique butchery nestled at the foot of the Cashmere Hills, on the other side of town.

Butchers Miles and Isaac ferried the bags of precooked sausages from the chiller. The bags just kept on kept on coming.

All up, 65-ish packs of 10 sausages were stowed in the suddenly very small boot of Faye’s ŌCHT car.

Miles said the anonymous donor’s order was probably the largest community order he’d seen for anything other than a school fundraiser.

“It’s great, we’re just so pleased to support something that gives to other people,” Miles said as he loaded Faye’s car.

“Times are hard, but there’s always someone who’s less fortunate than you, so it’s great to help out where we can.”

Miles suggested the sausages would be great on a grill or BBQ. They could be frozen and eaten whenever.

Jenny reckoned many people would want to enjoy their sausages as -soon-as.

“I think a lot of people will be having sausages for dinner, that’s for sure.”

Thank you Cashmere Cuisine and – of course – the anonymous donor.

Your generosity is sincerely appreciated by everyone at Pickering Courts, Cedar Park and the team at ŌCHT.


Published April 11, 2022

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